Action ...1
Position an ordinary mm ruler on the nose ensuring the 0(zero) spot of the ruler is plainly over pupil. Make the scale straight.

Action ...2
Look at your eyes about 1-2 feet from a mirror or request a companion to calculate the length between the pupils during the time you gaze straight ahead.

Re-do this several times to obtain accurateness.


Your goal is just to utilize an average Pupillary distance measurement. Nearly all women and men possess a PD length around 54-67mm. On the subject of adults, the average distance between the eyes is 63mm. In case you cannot take your own pupillary distance or get it from your doctor, it's OK to make use of this typical PD of 63mm but bear in mind this would be the least dependable choice. For anyone calling for bifocal or progressive lenses, our team suggest you secure specific data from your doctor or eyewear specialist.