An anti-reflective(AR) coating boosts a persons eyesight and improves the looks of the eyeglasses. Each of the advantages are owed to AR's coating capacity to cut down reflections and let more light get through to the wearer eyes. With an AR coating, reflections from the front and back surfaces of the lenses are greatly reduced. An AR coating is very advantageous if applied on high-index lenses, which reflect greater light compared to standard plastic lenses. Usually, the larger the index of refraction of the lens material, the greater amount of light that tends to be reflected from the surface of the lenses. Standard plastic lenses reflect about 8.5% of the light striking the lenses, so only 91.5% of available light enters the eye for vision. High index plastic lenses can reflect up to 12% of the light hitting the lenses leaving about 88% getting throught to the eyes. This may be problematic namely if motoring at night. Existing current anti-reflective coatings can practically take away the reflection of light from eyeglass lenses, letting 99.5 percent of accessible light to pass through the lenses to the eye for first rate eye-sight.

 AR coatings eliminates the glare that you may see and the glare which typically individuals identify on your lenses. By taking away reflections, AR coating additionally makes your lenses appear to be almost invisible, therefore indivduals can identify a persons eyes clearly. Anti-reflective glasses are appealing and look better in all lighting conditions. The observable bonus of AR lenses include sharper vision without glare if behind the wheel in the evening and greater comfort while on the computer. Anti-reflective sunglasses, reduce glare from sunlight reflecting from the back surface of tinted lenses.

Summary of Glare Free (anti-reflective) Coatings:

1.Allows more light to get thru to the wearer's eyes.

2.Stops unwanted and disturbing reflections off the lenses.

3.You can see the wearer's eyes better.

4.Improves on sunglasses by cutting down reflections off the back of the sunglenses.

5.Allows 8-12% more light thru which can be beneficial to night driving when light is already dim as compared to day driving.